savannah coffee shop

Have you tried our Matcha Latte?


I say Matcha, you say Latte ... Matcha ... Latte, Matcha ... Latte! Reap all the benefits from this tasty tea with our specialty Matcha Latte drink. Lovingly poured by our highly trained baristas, it's sure to be a cup of springtime delight. Got the nibbles? We also have an extensive bake case of artisan made pastries and snacks.

Stay Warm at The Coffee Fox!


How does the song go? Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... well, we don't exactly have those conditions down at The Coffee Fox but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a hot drink! Get your mitts on one of our craft coffee drinks or if you need a snack in between holiday shopping we have a full bake case at your mercy. 

Temperatures are dropping


Finally, we are seeing some cooler temperatures here at The Coffee Fox. Keep the chill at bay with our hot spiced wine! We combine red wine and a magical blend of spices to warm you from the inside out. Remember we also have a full craft coffee menu if your leaning towards the caffeine side of things, and decaf if you're not. See you soon!

Get it while it's Hot!

Cool off with cold brew coffee! We’ve got what you need from beans to brew equipment and beyond. Our custom cold brew blend is roasted especially for us by local roaster PERC Coffee. We've got it on tap for you at our brick and mortar. Far away? Get our exclusive blend online