Single Origin of the Month: Guatemala Ixlama


A NOTE FROM THE ROASTER Get your "add to cart" finger ready 'cause Guatemala Ixlama is back – brr brr brr brrrrrrr (airhorn noise!) That's right our favorite bros at Balzac are back in the house for a second year straight with this big banger from the Huehuetenango. Get your taste buds ready for tasty flavors reminiscent of sweet plum, blackberry, caramel, almond, and brown sugar. Try it hot or flash iced, either way it's a dang nice cup y'all.

Single Origin of the Month: Ethiopia Kayon Mountain


A NOTE FROM THE ROASTER We’ve had a few bangin’ naturals recently, but this fresh-crop Kayon Mountain might just take the cake. It's the quintessential natural Ethiopia with big notes of lavender, blueberry, vanilla, honey, and fudge. It’s got a muscular body like my man Ronnie Coleman – yeah buddy! Ronnie used to say, “everybody want to be a bodybuilder but don’t nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight.” Well I guarantee you’ll lift them heavy cups all the way to your lips, “lightweight!” So strap on your tiny purple banana hammock and oil up those guns… “ain’t nothin’ but a peanut!”

Single Origin of the Month: Brazil Fazenda Rainha


A NOTE FROM THE ROASTER This Yellow Bourbon from São Sebastião da Grama is a perfect beautiful example of why I love coffees from Brazil – they’re sticky-sweet, smooth, and super approachable. It’s like drinking a dang liquid peanut butter cup y’all. If Barry White was a coffee he’d be this Fazenda Rainha and I can’t get enough of his love baby. Grab a bag of this Brazil and I guarantee you’ll be singing: (Rainha) you’re the first, the last, my everything.

The Coffee Fox is our name and specialty coffee is our game!


The Coffee Fox is our name and specialty coffee is our game! Did you know our baristas go through extensive training to deliver the highest quality specialty coffee drinks to you? We also use locally roasted PERC Coffee to ensure the freshest and best cup. This high caliber combo delivers award winning coffee right to you in Savannah, GA and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Have you tried our Matcha Latte?


I say Matcha, you say Latte ... Matcha ... Latte, Matcha ... Latte! Reap all the benefits from this tasty tea with our specialty Matcha Latte drink. Lovingly poured by our highly trained baristas, it's sure to be a cup of springtime delight. Got the nibbles? We also have an extensive bake case of artisan made pastries and snacks.

Happy New Year!

Did you welcome the New Year a little too heartily? Or maybe your getting up early to meet those resolutions. We have solutions for both ends of the spectrum! A whiff of our locally roasted fresh coffee paired with a yummy somethin' from our pastry case will put you on the right track for 2019. Start the year off with a bang, or, at least a coffee.



Ok, for real though, I wouldn't mind being stuck under the mistle toe with Felix. I mean, his breath smells like coffee! Get fueled up for your shopping extravaganzas this holiday with specialty coffee drinks from The Coffee Fox. We've also got great snacks for foxes on the go, or sit and stay awhile and admire all the holiday spirit. 

Fall into Fall


Fall is right around the corner but we're still staving off those hot temperatures! Felix always pulls his sweaters out too soon but not this time. He's also keeping chill with iced drinks at The Coffee Fox. Any of our specialty coffee drinks can be made iced, plus we have a nifty beer and wine list to drool over. Need a little ice cream in your life? Try our Affogato - a double shot of espresso served with Leopold's ice cream.

Felix enamel pins


New Enamel Pins Available in Store and Online

Your favorite fox is ready to bop around with you on your jacket, tote or any place you’d like to stick him! He has strong opinions about coffee and likes a little mischief every once in a while so don't say we didn't warn you...

Measures 1.25” wide and features a black rubber backing. Purchase here.